About us

Welcome to Botanical Solutions Apothecary, where we celebrate the healing power of nature through our handcrafted natural products and medicines. Our founder, Koa Quitevis, has been studying and working with medicinal and entheogenic plants for over a decade. With a rich family history rooted in Chinese, Native American, and Hawaiian indigenous natural medicine and a passion for the work of psychedelic pioneers like Terence McKenna, Albert Hofmann, Alexander Shulgin, and Timothy Leary, Koa was inspired to share the benefits of plant-based medicine with a wider audience.

In 2020, Koa opened an apothecary shop at the Kaimu Farmers Market in Puna, Hawaii, to share his unique and potent products with the community. Our mission is to provide high-quality handcrafted natural products and medicines that promote the use of entheogenic medicine, sourced and crafted in Hawaii with the utmost care and respect for tradition.

Our product offerings include:

  • Apothecary products such as natural medicines, tinctures, supplements, entheogenic extracts, and shamanic supplies
  • Psychedelic garden, featuring rare live plants and seeds, dried herbs, and other goods
  • Print-on-demand products featuring mid-journey AI-generated images with a trippy art style

We invite you to explore our store and discover the healing potential of nature.